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Decent Work Journeys

Out of the Partnership’s ‘Decent Work in Scotland’ research project grew the ‘Decent Work Journeys’ self-assessment tool. It was designed specifically for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as our research, published in ‘Decent Work: the Employers’ View’, demonstrated a demand for instruments to help in particular smaller enterprises to become ‘decent work employers’.

Decent Work Journeys

We found that there was demand for clear and compelling decent work factors which could help employers understand what ‘decent work’ means – and change practices accordingly, if possible.

For this reason researchers at UWS developed the ‘Decent Work Journeys’ digital platform. It is designed to inspire and guide the SME’s journey to offering more job quality by helping employers to understand and appreciate how employees and others see decent work and by clarifying their own needs as employers. In short, the Decent Work Journey platform identifies what is achievable through self-assessment and paves the way to accessing support and guidance for making the right changes.

To find out more about the platform, contact Dr Stephen Gibb at the University of the West of Scotland’s School for Business at Enterprise under .