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Welcome to the Partnership.

The Partnership brings together the academic expertise from the University of the West of Scotland, the social justice and anti-poverty campaigning strengths of Oxfam Scotland, and the local knowledge and capacities of a wide range of civil society organisations to conduct research and inform policy debates with the overarching objective to work together for a more equitable and sustainable Scotland. Read more about the Partnership here.

On April 8th, the Partnership published ‘Food insecurity in times of Covid-19 – an insight into a deepening crisis‘. The report highlights, in particular, how the pandemic has affected four demographic groups identified as being most likely to be at higher risk of food insecurity, even in ‘normal times’: the homeless, young carers and young adult carers, people seeking asylum, and people with disabilities. Three main factors were found to have further aggravated food insecurity during the pandemic: Rising levels of need driven mainly by income reductions; new and intensified food access challenges; and the effects of the lockdown on the operation of food banks and their important ‘wrap-around’ services, such as mental health support and benefit advice. Find the report here