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Upcoming Policy Forum Session: 18th November 2014, UWS Paisley Campus: Realising Social Justice

The next meeting of the UWS-Oxfam Policy Forum will be on the 18th of November 2014 at the UWS Paisley Campus. The discussion will take place around the topic of Realising Social Justice: People, Politics and Policies, and will look to build upon the work undertaken around the previous Forum meeting on the topic of inequality. The discussion will be led initially by Professor Mike Danson of Heriot Watt University. Mike was previously a long-term member of staff at UWS, and played a key role in the formation of the UWS-Oxfam Partnership.

The meeting of the Forum will follow on from a session in which two key contributors to the Partnership will provide inaugural lectures in their new capacities as Honorary Professors in the School of Media, Cuture and Society at UWS, in which they will address Aspects of the Social Justice Challenge. Gerry McCartney, Head of the Public Health Observatory at NHS Health Scotland will speak on “Fairness in life and death: What causes (health) inequality and what can we do about it?”. Katherine Trebeck, Global Research Policy Adviser Oxfam will speak on “Realising social justice in a world of multiple crises: Lessons from near and far”. For further detail see: Aspects of the social justice challenge

For UWS press release, see: Honorary Professors to deliver inaugural lectures at Paisley Campus

Professor Mike Danson
Katherine Trebeck
Katherine Trebeck
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Gerry McCartney

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